The Issue: Plans for the McMillan Sand Filtration site were unveiled back in December. As City Paper reported, developers Vision McMillan Partners want retail, over 1.000 units of housing, 400,000 square feet of office space, and 8 acres of green. But don’t be fooled into thinking that its all done and dusted…it hasn’t been up before the Zoning Commission or the Preservation Review Board. And ANC 5C commissioner John Salatti is reopening the debate about the proposals in a series of community meetings. Are people happy with the plan as it stands?

Super content: Local resident Peter Pawlowski says rack up the density and bring in the amenities: “I strongly support the development at the site…. They’re taking something which has no use and no value, and creating something of value for the community.”

Slight reservations: 5C commissioner John Salatti‘s prime concern is the increased traffic: “DDOT says some of our intersections are failing now. How are we going to deal with all the extra traffic? We need hard information.”

Outraged: Local resident Mehdi Mansouri says: “They are cramming a mini city into a small place without looking at any of the side effects…. It is a purely profit orientated project. It’s a beautiful structure. It’s so unique. Why don’t we convert it to an underground mall and make it a tourist attration?”

Local resident Brian Oliver questions the criteria for historicity: “What really irks me is when people claim that it’s a historic site—it’s a water-filtration site! So it was the first of it’s kind. But if it was the first trash site of its kind would it also be a historic site?! It’s an eye sore!”

Next step: The next meeting is set for Wednesday September 9 at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 2nd and U st.