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Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a slightly soggy Freedom Friday!

“All Hands on Deck,” Chief Cathy L. Lanier’s unconstitutional excuse for setting up roadblocks and checkpoints, is done—but not because it violated the Fourth Amendment. No, AHOD is dead because “police union officials have long decried the AHODs as essentially a publicity stunt that generate goodwill for politicians at the expense of rank-and-file officers.”

Christ almighty: “We’ll stop this thing we’re doing that’s illegal, but only because the people we’ve asked to do it ARE TIRED OF DOING IT SO MUCH. ” If you’re disappointed that AHOD is kaput—and at least one of you is—then you obviously never had anything to hide and are probably an incredibly boring person.  The rest of us will be celebrating the return of our right to no unreasonable searches and seizures at an undisclosed location. ORWELLIAN SAPS ARE NOT INVITED.

ACORN workers did a bad, bad thing in Baltimore. Some folks at Big Government (another project by conservative maestro Andrew Breitbart) visited ACORN’s offices posing as a pimp and prostitute in search of cheap housing for 13 El Salvadoran girls, who, the BG pair implied, would be underage prostitutes. ACORN had a lot of good ideas for them, including tax evasion. Check out the transcript.

Annnnnd a wingnut from Falls Church brought his shotgun to the Capitol during Obama’s health care speech. Look, here’s a message from one gun lover to another: We don’t need this. “We” as in gun lovers, “we” as in emotionally neutral defenders of the Second Amendment, “we” as in the people who manage to detest big government without scaring other people. I don’t think y’all represent the rise of the militia movement, I just think y’all are dumbasses. So cut it out and save that shottie for the gobbler in your backyard back.