I just got a note from Dan Kotman, spokesman for Newt Gingrich‘s American Solutions for Winning the Future PAC, in response to my blog post about his boss naming a pornographer his choice for the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award.”

After reading the City Desk post, Gingrich has officially withdrawn the award and dinner offer to Allison Vivas, president of the adult film operation Pink Visual.

“We have notified Allison Vivas that the notice she received was sent by mistake,” Kotman says. “We regret the error.”

Oh, well. Guess there won’t be any follow-up posts on this topic. So I might not ever again have the chance to insert porno graphics onto this blog, or link “Newt Gingrich” with such Vivas’ gems as Desperately Seeking Cock, House Wife Bangers, Memoirs Of A Gusher, Teen Anal Pounding, Pure Cherry Girls, Teens For Cash, Spit Swappers, etc.