Clearest sign that it’s about time to crank out the Countdown to Cowher™: Jim Zorn‘s post-game interview with Sonny Jurgensen, heard on Dan Snyder’s WTEM.

Here’s the opening:

Sonny Jurgensen: You had one offensive touchdown…

Jim Zorn: Thank you.

Sonny Jurgensen: You’ve got to get into the end zone…

Jim Zorn: Yes.

Uh oh.

Dan Snyder and Jurgensen are cigar smoking buddies. Jurgensen wanted Jeff George. So it’s a good bet that in private Snyder’s getting everything the Redskins listening audience got from Jurgensen and then some.

(AFTER THE BREAK: Albert Haynesworth don’t play that? Folks want to trade in Jim Zorn et al on something with less mileage? Even the all-news station is piling on? Snyder’s dastardly deeds have trickled down to ‘Bama? Everybody but the Washington Post thinks Michael Jordan’s a jerk? ANOTHER blonde DC sportscaster?)


Watching Albert Haynesworth take a knee or lying down on the job for no obvious reason, I was reminded about what my hero Boudreaux said in 1999 about Dana Stubblefield, a defensive lineman who went from all-pro to narcoleptic bum after taking Haynesworth-like money from Snyder to come here from San Francisco. Boudreaux’s words: “I can hear him saying [to Dan Snyder], ‘Football? You pay me $47 million…and you want me to play football? Mister, a man with that kind of money don’t play football!’”

Boudreaux is a genius.


Knowing what we now know, it’s time to re-read Erik Wemple‘s pre-game insider analysis of what was going to take place in the Meadowlands. He nailed it.



The fans around here aren’t happy with what they saw. Over at Dan Snyder’s web site,, one of the smarties proposed a “Coach for Clunkers” program, to trade in the same ol’ coaches and players and give newbies a shot.

WTOP this morning offered listeners a chance to join the mob. “If you’d like to jump on the pile, call us!”

The only thing boring about the Redskins are the games!


What kind of flash point is Dan Snyder? Well, the Birmingham News ran a column about him as a pariah and a symbol of everything that’s wrong with everything over the weekend.

The Birmingham News!


So Michael Jordan‘s still getting coddled by the Washington Post? Well, check out the write-up of Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech that ran in Saturday’s Post, and the write-up in Yahoo Sports.

The commenters to Michael Lee’s Post story all echo the Yahoo version, which was basically that Jordan is a troubled meanie.

It got so bad that Michael Wilbon came in to try to soften the damage from the Yahoo piece a day later, with a column praising Jordan’s bizarre bullying — he flew in a high school classmate to help make the old varsity coach look bad — for its “unvarnished” qualities.

Ok. In any case, after reading elsewhere about what a jerk he was, go watch this Jordan dunk over Patrick Ewing from back in the day. Still chilling after all these years. He wasn’t human on the court, so why expect him to be humane off it?

And, Jordan ain’t the only one holding grudges: Abe Pollin has never let go of the bitterness from his alliance with Jordan.


This is what diversity looks like: Former George Michael intern Lindsay Murphy joins Fox-5’s Redskins wrap-up show, joining former George Michael protege Lindsay Czarniak on WRC and Sara Walsh at WUSA in DC’s blonde sportscaster corps.

Get with the program, WJLA!


The Washington Post ran three photos of Woodson’s win over Lake Braddock in the sports page on Saturday. The section named a Woodson player its star of the day. That’s fine. As long as sports sections name high school stars of the day, there’ll be a market for newspapers. (Really!)

But the other two shots had caption writers humiliating specific Lake Braddock players. One caption had the Lake Braddock QB throwing “an incompletion” and another photo of a Woodson running back as he “runs over” a Lake Braddock defender. Both Lake Braddock players were named in the captions for no good reason.

Whoever wrote these captions went out of his or her way to embarrass kids. This is the sports journalism equivalent of child abuse. Not nice!


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