Via Dan Snyder‘s message board, ExtremeSskins: The Redskins have just broke the crust on a new Facebook page.

A random sampling of the comments, sics and all:

Mark: no one did thier job 8 hours ago

Wayne: Hall and Smoot need to learn how to wrap-up and stop ski-diving and the tackles. If they are scared to hit find somebody that will!!!!!! 4 hours ago

Mikhiel: They looked a hot mess!!! but they looked horrible as a team! I would definitely come up withsome major changes more than just qb like we tried during the summer! Yesterday at 5:18pm

(AFTER THE JUMP: And this is what Snyder’s FRIENDS are saying? Snyder buys Facebook? Federer does Don Beyer no favors? Kiddie Bias™ on the chessboard? Huge week for Asian Bias™ on the links? Back on track on the Road to 100 Losses™?)

Jason: Barry comments on point. But the the difference between us and the rest of the division is NO PASS RUSH. Yesterday at 5:43pm

Danny: HE NOT RIGHT QB FOR US 9 hours ago

Alphanso: Do some play action and gets some guys in motion 39 minutes ago

And, remember, this is what the Skins’ friends are saying!

Geez. Guess this ain’t the best week to open up a new forum for folks to tell you how they feel about you.

Judging by the tone of the fan base, the team should have instead signed on with inyourfacebook, where absolutely nobody’s your friend.

Or, THIS JUST IN: Snyder Buys Facebook!


There is a local angle to Roger Federer’s crumbling to Juan Martin Del Potro, whose last name, for those unfamiliar with the Romance languages, translates in English to “of the Potro.” (Heck if that line hasn’t been making me, and nobody else, chuckle since I was getting Ds in high school Spanish.)

Here it is: The loss is Federer’s first in Flushing Meadows since Falls Church’s greatest export, Don Beyer, was accidentally named Ambassador to Switzerland.

Federer’s Swiss, right? Or is he Swedish?

Whatever. Beyer’s now got his hands full undoing the damage Federer’s loss does to US/Swiss/Swedish relations.


I learned a few years ago that chess is a young man’s game. But this is silly: Jeevan Karamsetty of Reston came in second in the recent Virginia State Chess Championships. He’s 10 years old.

Karamsetty sat out the final round and thereby forfeited a chance at winning the Richmond tournament, perhaps because he had to go home to get ready for grammar school the next day.

(My brother Geoff McKenna, a five-time champ and five times as old, finished 7th, no doubt wearing socks and underwear several years older than Karamsetty.)


Speaking of game biases… It’s time for an Asian Bias™ Update:

Yet another massively Biased™. Shin Ji-yai takes the P&G Beauty Northwest Arkansas Championship title, her third LPGA tour win of the year. Ji-yai beat Yoo Sun-young, also Korean, on the second playoff hole.

And Tiger Woods, the Godfather of the Asian Bias, wins the BMW Championship in Lemont, Ill., to regain the points lead in the PGA’s FedEx Cup competition, a dumbass set-up that makes the BCS scoring system seem kindergartenish.

Just give the damn cup to Tiger. The Bias, which came to the fore at this summer’s AT&T National here, won’t be denied!


Sure, following the evolution of this movie is getting to be like watching grass grow, but…Tonight in Bethesda, local filmmaker Mike Ratel is having another screening of the trailer of his undone documentary, “On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW!” which he describes as a “A tale of hope, redemption, and lawn mower racing.”

The event is part of “Trailer Night” sponsored by the group Docs In Progress, and, as the name suggests, will feature a series of similarly unfinished projects.

Film starts rolling at 7pm at the Writers Center at 4508 Walsh Street.


The Nationals Road to 100 Losses™ stalled a bit with a few wins over the weekend over Florida. The Nats have been seven defeats away from the century mark since last week.

But their eyes should get back on the prize tonight, when they open up a series against division leading Philadelphia.

The Nats remain 12 1/2 games out of second-to-last place in the division, and have a 5 1/2 game lead over the Pirates in the race for Worst Team in the Majors, and the first-round pick that comes with that dishonor.

Awesome trivia: Only one team in either the AL or NL will finish with 100 wins for the 2009 season.

Yeah yeah…it’s the Yankees.


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