The Issue: The DC Circulator route up Wisconsin Avenue may soon be no more. The $1 red bus currently runs from Union Station through downtown to M Street, then eventually up Wisconsin. DDOT has proposed cutting the last leg of the service, leaving only two regular city buses to run to upper Georgetown. Despite a big Metrobus route overhaul last year, during which Mayor Adrian Fenty dubbed the Circulator a “great solution,” it looks like the bus faces a bumpy ride.

We Need the Bus: Hazel Denton of the Citizens Association of Georgetown [CAG] says cutting the Circulator will leave upper Wisconsin residents high and dry: “Eighteen months ago, the mayor said they were going to enhance and streamline transportation, but [if the bus is cut] our service will have been halved in just two years. We feel outraged by this.” Some want the Circulator service to extend even farther, to Glover Park.

No, You Don’t: Take the 32 or the 36! Asked about the proposed cut, DDOT had no “official response” for now. But according to CAG, it comes down to budget constraints. Drew, commenting online earlier this year, also suggested that probable explanation: “I’ve never seen one with more than one or two riders. Just what we need, more riderless buses clogging the streets.”

Next Step: If you want to keep the route, write the mayor or DDOT and complain. If you don’t care, go back to surfing the web.