Believe it or not, people live in Dewey Beach.

Not many – the official estimate hovers around 300 people, little more than a pilot light in terms of the on-season population – but enough to keep the bars open through September. The Starboard won’t wind down until Oct. 3, when they’ll stage a lavish 50th Anniversary party. That same weekend, bars and restaurants up and down Route 1 will host 150 bands as part of the Dewey Beach Music Conference.

While summer in Dewey is sweet indeed, there’s a sense of can-we-come-out-now? when Labor Day wraps up. Of course, any real of relief is immediately buried under the vitriolic snipe-fest of municipal elections, but for those who choose to abstain from gladiatorial politics, Dewey has a lovely shoulder season to enjoy. The water’s still warm, even if the mornings are a bit nippy. But isn’t that why we have hot toddies?