A man has jumped in front of a Yellow Line train at the Columbia Heights station, Metro has confirmed.

According to a Metro spokesperson, Yellow Line trains are stopping at Mount Vernon Square and Green Line trains are single-tracking from U Street to Georgia Avenue. Expect delays.

UPDATE, 2:40 P.M.: Keith Carbone, a political consultant who ran Jack Evans‘ re-election campaign last year, was on the platform shortly before 2 p.m. when it happened—-not more than 20 feet from the jumper, who he describes as a young white man wearing a white shirt.

The train was a Yellow Line train to Huntington; Carbone says he didn’t see the jump, but heard a loud thump against the train’s plexiglas and a woman’s scream. He had walked past the jumper moments earlier.

No one was standing near the man, Carbone says, and there was nothing to indicate any foul play.

Carbone says he immediately went up the stairs to contact authorities and keep passengers from coming on to the platform. At least 20 or 30 people were on the platform when it happened, he says.

UPDATE, 3:35 P.M.: Carbone says police detectives told him that the person struck was a student at Bell Multicultural High School, a block away. Another student witnessed the incident, the detective told him. No confirmation yet from authorities.

UPDATE, 3:45 P.M.: WTOP reports: ‘According to a Metro spokesperson, a 15 or 16-year-old boy placed himself on the tracks and was hit by a train. D.C. Fire and EMS tells WTOP the boy suffered massive injuries and the prognosis does not look good. Sources say the boy placed himself on the tracks as part of a game of chicken involving several other teenagers.’

UPDATE, 4:10 P.M.: Metro says the person has died.

UPDATE, 4:25 P.M.: DCPS confirms the victim was a student at the Columbia Heights Education Campus, which includes Bell and Lincoln Middle School.