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Good morning, y’all! I’d say, “welcome to a blah blah Freedom Friday,” but I’m not really feeling it today. You see, our annual Fall Arts Guide hit the streets yesterday, and that’s got me happier than a pig in shit, what with all the blood, sweat, and open weeping I put into it. That also means we’re avoiding politics on Freedom Friday today, and instead celebrating fun things that we can all enjoy!


Nick Rogers did a little documenting of the cheese dip phenomenon in Central Arkansas, and made this:

“In Queso Fever: A Movie About Cheese Dip” from Nick Rogers on Vimeo.

My brother, an Arkansas native, says, “Cheese dip is universal, Velveeta dip is Southern.” I love Velveeta dip, even though I always hate myself after eating it. This link, and many other fine ones, came from the OxfordAmerican.com.

One of the things I like to do when I have the apartment to myself is eat multiple bowls of cereal and then feel bloated with milk gas for the rest of the day. The other thing I like to do is watch The Big Lebowski with the subtitles on and take notes. (Did you know that during the scene where the two thugs beat up the Dude in his bathroom {very beginning of the movie}, the Asian thug who pisses on the Dude’s rug says, “Ever thus, Lebowski,” as he pulls out his dick? How fucking deep is that?)

Anyway, Mariane Combs at Minnesota Public Radio hosted a segment on “Dudeism.” I’ve only listened to the first interview, but I’m hooked and plan on finishing it up today. Y’all should do the same.

Video and a radio episode—that shit should keep y’all covered for a while. Ima eat some cereal. Catch you on the TWI-TAH!