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Best story of the Rams game: Dim WitsGate!

Robert Henson is in a bad place right now. The Skins sub-benchwarmer used Twitter to go after home fans for booing at the game, and cast the disgruntled masses in the stands as “dim wits” and folks who “work 9 to 5 at mcdonalds.”

Henson, who wasn’t even on the active roster for the game, went from unknown to reviled in a matter of keystrokes.

When I first heard of Henson’s comments during the postgame shows — WJFK gave a running account of the naive blasts —  I was sure somebody hijacked his twitter account. Unfortunately for him, it looks like nobody did. Henson’s twittering later claimed he went after the fans only because he had things thrown at him.

Nobody’s buying it.

From the sound of things, this could be a deal breaker between the rookie and the fans, at least those that really are dim wits or really do work 9 to 5 at mcdonalds.

In any case, Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell should buy Henson a meal before he leaves town. Henson is going to take a whole lot of heat that woulda gone their way today.

Some writers also expressed befuddlement over the crowd’s behavior. Like Henson, writers don’t pay to get into the games.

(AFTER THE JUMP: Snyder’s the root of all booing? Jim Zorn: Read My Lips? Sonny Jurgensen vs. Jim Zorn, Round II? Juwan Howard is still in the NBA? How much would you pay for Juwan Howard’s pants? The Nats are on the entrance ramp for the Road to 100 Losses?)


The discord in the grandstands trickled down all over the place. Some posters on the Dan Snyder-owned message board, extremeskins.com, and callers to the postgame show on the non-Dan Snyder owned WJFK, explained that the noise was at its core about dissatisfaction with management.

I agree, especially after hearing one angry lady call WJFK to rail against Snyder, telling host Chad Dukes about showing up at FedExField with her family and having her son’s water bottle confiscated at the gate.

“We paid $500 for the tickets!” she huffed at the beginning of a long tirade.

It is amazing that so many people still pay that sort of money to be treated as Snyder treats them. And we haven’t even talked about how the new parking rules worked out, Lexus lanes and all…


After the Rams game, I will no longer wonder why coaches hold pieces of paper in front of their faces while calling plays. When the Redskins had second and goal in the third quarter, the Fox-TV cameras showed Zorn on the sidelines and I clearly read his lips: “20 draw,” he said, then a couple more sentences with “draw” in ’em.

The Skins then ran a draw play that everybody else sniffed out, too. It went nowhere.

I was typing when Fox went right back to the same shot of Zorn on the sidelines, so I couldn’t read his lips while he was making the call that will come up in his exit meeting with Dan Snyder: an option pass from Portis on third and goal. Boooooooooo!

If I ran a team, I might hire a smart kid from Gallaudet and give him a pair of binoculars on game day and see what happens. Bill Belichick’s probably already done it.


For the second week in a row, the postgame interview between Sonny Jurgensen and Jim Zorn was way more entertaining, and had harder hitting, than the game.

Sonny started off telling Zorn if he were quarterback he’d have called a timeout rather than run that option pass to Portis, because coaches only call that play in that situation if  they have no faith in their quarterback.

“Then I take you out of the game,” Zorn snipped to the Skins legend.

If I had to bet, I’d say, as the great Keith Jackson used to say during every big game he broadcast, “These two just plain don’t like each other.”

Sonny also got into Chris Cooley‘s craw on the air about the offense’s non-production. Smart money says this has gotta be Sonny’s last year in the booth, and he’s going out on fire.


Juwan Howard lives to cash another paycheck: The former Bullet has just signed a one-year deal with the Portland Trail Blazers.

Howard was the oddest case of the many underachievers who took Abe Pollin’s money in the 1990s. He was beloved when he came here from Michigan, before a holdout and some DUI arrests and getting in trouble hanging out with Chris Webber.

Portland is his seventh team. Blazers General Manager Kevin Pritchard said Howard brings in said the forward will bring a “wealth of experience.” A wealth of wealth, too: The guy’s gonna put in 16 years in the NBA! Around here, Howard is regarded as a bust, but, again: 16 years!

I passed up a chance to buy a pair of Juwan Howard’s Bullets used warmup pants for $12 at some charity auction years and years ago because they wouldn’t fit. They still wouldn’t fit, but I’d pay $12 for ’em today.

The Nationals are cruising on the Road to 100 Losses: The Mets take another at federally funded Citi Field, leaving our boys just 2 defeats away from triple-digits.

The latest loss brought a milestone: It guaranteed the Nats last place in the Eastern Division…again. We’ll have to wait a week or so before the team also locks up National League and Major League worst honors.


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