ESPN reports that Redskins rookie Robert Henson has quit Twitter a mere two days after he called out fans for booing during the team’s shitty, pathetic 9-7 win over the lowly Rams. Today, the Post ran an awesome A1 story on the 189th reason why the Redskins are so worthy of scorn:

By Sunday evening, a few hours after Washington’s unsightly 9-7 win against the St. Louis Rams, Henson had taken up an online battle against a segment of disgruntled Redskins fans, calling them disloyal “dim-wits” who “work 9 to 5 at McDonalds.”

Almost immediately, Henson became one of the anti-heroes of a game he had watched from the sideline, doused with criticism and insults on sports-talk radio shows and Internet message boards. And by Monday afternoon, Henson sheepishly exited the team’s Ashburn training facility, accompanied by several team spokesmen, to apologize for a Twitter-enabled diatribe against fans that provided him his first moment of NFL fame.

“This is exciting,” one television reporter joked.

“No it’s not,” Henson said. “It’s the negative kind of media you don’t want.”

Not only is Henson an a-hole. He’s also a quitter.