The Issue: Adams Morgan residents are arguing over the question “What is art” after a sculpture called “Bicycle Musician” was approved in June for the plaza at Columbia and Adams Mill Roads. The design was chosen in April from among three finalists in an online survey conducted by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH). The two other finalists were “Sunflowers” (towering flowers blooming over the square) and “Adamor Circle” (a green abstract sphere). Should the biking man stay or go?

It’s Art: The sculpture did win the survey, even if only 100 people took part: Chris, writing on the Adams Morgan listserv, says, “I find the sculpture quirky and bright and a tad over the top. Reflects the neighborhood.”

If It’s Art, I Don’t Want It In My Neighborhood: Some residents feel the official poll was too small to reflect the wishes of the broader community (in a larger online survey at the blog Greater Greater Washington, “Bicycle Musician” came in last.) John, also writing on the listserv, says, “Why, oh why must all Adams Morgan public art look like it was designed to appeal to toddlers? This is pretty bad.”

Next Step: Rachel Dickerson, spokesman for DCCAH, told City Desk that due to large community input, both “pro and against,” DCCAH has submitted a revised version of the bicycle sculpture based on the recommendations of the Commission of Fine Arts Board. DCCAH has been meeting this week to discuss the sculpture, so check back Friday for more information on the finalized version.

Image courtesy of DCCAH

UPDATE:Gloria Nauden, spokesman for DCCAH, confirmed on the Adams Morgan listserv that the bicycle sculpture has indeed been tabled. She says, “art is incredibly subjective…and we want to ensure the art is reflective of the Adams Morgan community.”