Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy reporting stories about the Washington Post Magazine, which this week debuts a brand-new design and content scheme. In the course of my inquiries, I requested an early look at the new product. The request was denied.

The big shots found a better recipient for a peek, as Washington media fiends found out today. FishbowlDC today prints full-on preview of the magazine, complete with killer information on new features and such. Matt Dornic, who wrote the item for FishbowlDC, says that the Posties were “very receptive to giving me an early look.”

As well they should have been. Look at what Dornic said today about the new product:

Rave #1: “Inclusive.”

Rave #2: “Editor Debra Leithauser, Art Director Janet Michaud and GM Jenny Abramson hit a home run.”

Rave #3 (follows directly after Rave #2): “Flipping through the fresh but familiar pages of the new WaPo Mag is kind of like sitting down with an old friend for cocktails — only, your friend got really hot since the last time you saw them.”

Rave #4 (follows directly after Rave #3): “The features are fast but fulfilling reads. The tone is personal, not preachy. And the design is sexy yet sensible.”

Rave #5 (follows directly after Rave #4): “The outcome? A truly solid product for Columbia Heights hipsters, McLean mommies and everyone in between.”

Rave #6: “Date Lab, First Person Singular, restaurant reviews from food critic Tom Sietsema, Gene Weingarten’s ‘Below the Beltway,’ Second Glance, Crossword puzzles and the insightful long-form pieces are still alive and well in the new WP Mag.”

No way the Post ad department could have phrased it better.

If the Post mag people are half as good at journalism as they are at PR, this new publication will be more than just sexy, sensible, and solid. I, for one, am just going to take Dornic’s word for it—-this new publication is amazing, the best ever. In Date Lab terms, I am giving it a perfect “5.”