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Earlier today, Cheap Seats Daily reported that J.P Szymkowicz, an expert on Dan Snyder‘s parking operations, had no problems getting to and from FedExField for the U2 show.

By reporting Szymkowicz’s anecdotes, Cheap Seats Daily could have left the impression with readers that Snyder had, after 10 years of owning the stadium, come up with a way to get people to their seats on time.

But, upon further review, it seems traffic at FedExField was as Snyder’d up as ever. A quick reading of the comments section of Washington Post rock critic Chris Richards’* review of the show reveals that about as many concert goers are venting about their commute as are praising the band’s performance.

After the jump, some of the early returns.

Simian77 writes, “WTF is up with FedEx! Two and half hours spent crawling up Rt. 50 to the stadium is absolutely ridiculous!!!”

VaBroker says, “The traffic of course was a friggin nightmare – in and out !!!”

arlingtonJAM huffs, “Took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to Fedex from Arlington.”

tjm0051 asks, “How is it that Fedex Field has been around for 12 years and they still can’t get everyone in and out smoothly? We waited an hour before we got out of the parking lot! The weak point being evidently the light at Brightseat Rd and Landover Rd—thousands of cars had to wait at the light there. There were no police officers at the intersection to keep things flowing.”

And so on…Summary: just another day at the office for Dan Snyder.

Cheap Seats Daily regrets giving readers the misimpression that Snyder has figured anything out.

(Full disclosure: I freelance concert reviews for the Post, and Richards is sending me to write-up Kiss in a couple weeks. Yes, Kiss’s farewell tour is still going.)