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Apparently the dispute between Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and Cora Masters Barry‘s Recreation Wish List Committee over the operations of the Southeast and Tennis Learning Center has been settled.

The Fenty camp just put out this statement: “All parties involved are satisfied with today’s settlement agreement, and look forward to working together to ensure that District residents and children receive high quality public recreation services.”

Now the Fenty release includes no details on what exactly that agreement is, thank you very much.

Barry, from her office today, also declined to discuss details of the settlement, but that it allows RWLC to continue its work at the center. “”I’m just glad it’s behind us so that we can keep on doing what we do with these kids,” she says.

UPDATE, 3:45 P.M.: Here’s the addendum to the agreement signed by both RWLC and the city:

As of the date of this addendum, the parties to this Lease, dated October 5, 2006, agree that it is valid and that the parties have undertaken certain obligations. The parties hereby agree to amend this Lease as follows to ensure that there is no misunderstanding in the future as to the parties’ obligations. Each of the parties commits to consult with each other on a regular basis. Further, if either party should have a concern as to the performance of the other with respect to its obligations under the lease, then oral and written notice is to be given to the other party and full discussion of the issues shall ensue to assure informal resolution and avoidance of any notice by either party of a breach of the Lease. The purpose of such notice and consultation shall be to ensure that each party meets its obligations. The parties to this Lease agree that all other terms and conditions of the 2006 Lease remain in full force and effect.

In other words: Can’t we all just get along?

Which of course raises the question: Why weren’t you all getting along in the first place? Was an eviction notice and legal battle really necessary?