Today, Councilmember Jim Graham reached out to “friends” hoping that they would read the Washington Post story in which sources declared that the Ward One politician was not a person of interest in the bribery corruption saga. Graham pledged that he would cooperate fully with law enforcement.

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Graham writes:

“Dear Friends,

In regards to the recent arrest of Teddy Loza, we should all be patient while the authorities conduct their investigation.  Corruption is a very serious matter. As much as anyone else, I want this investigation to be thorough and all guilty parties held to account. I have pledged 100% cooperation to the FBI.

I have committed no wrongdoing or crime.

Please also keep in mind that the Washington Post on September 30 (linked here) reported—based on law enforcement sources— that I am neither a ‘target’ nor a ‘person of interest’ in the FBI investigation.

Bests Councilmember Jim Graham”