Some security guards charged with protecting D.C. schools neglected to show up this morning. Maybe that’s because they were unlikely to get paid.

After all, their employer, Hawk One Security, folded yesterday afternoon. The business provided about 300 guards to D.C. schools.

Education insider and activist Robert Brannum , who last night posted to a Listserv warning DC residents the security guards would be absent today, says via e-mail that he got a call last night, telling him the company was imploding. “Hawk One employees were advised not to report to work because there was not a contract.” he writes.

The Washington Post says the company’s going belly-up is no surprise:

“Hawk One had recently lost a lucrative contract to provide security at District government buildings. It also owes the Internal Revenue Service $4 million in taxes and penalties, records show. The company was also having trouble paying its employees. Hawk One officials said earlier this week that untimely payment from the city was the reason for the payment troubles.”

Preventing any Lord-of-the-Flies scenarios, the D.C. police department has moved in to take up the slack as far as DCPS security is concerned. It has also, according to a recent release from the mayor’s office, already hired two brand new contractors to protect D.C. schools.