Today, the Washington Post published a long profile of Orly Taitz. This is the nut job that’s leading the birther movement. Taitz helms a very leaky swift boat.  We should be forgetting her right about now.

Taitz was news or newsy this past summer. But why do we need a big story on her in October? Her power is only derived from free media attention. Did I mention that she’s a nutjob?

A quick Nexis check reveals that Taitz has been mentioned, chronicled, and/or written about more than 400 times before WaPo decided to profile her. Other newspapers wrote about her more than 150 times. I’m not even going to delve into the number of blog items on this crazy. Let’s just say she is very old news.

Meanwhile, there are far more powerful crazies that are worth the Post’s attention like Sen. Jim DeMint and his travels to Honduras to support the military coup. The Post has devoted 556 words from one staff writer to the DeMint story.

Why bother with Ms. Taitz when the Daily Show got to her in July?

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