Right now, Abdulaziz Kamus has a lot on his mind. First, there’s the fact that he’s a central figure in the Ted Loza bribery case (Kamus allegedly joined the Fed probe, wired up, and paid Jim Graham’s Right Hand Man $1500 in bribes). Today, we learned that key players in the bribery scandal discussed killing Kamus after the Loza story broke. Several community leaders say that Kamus has not appeared in public since his law enforcement activities became public.

Now comes the claim that Kamus wasn’t such a great community organizer. We had previously heralded the man as the major player within the Ethiopian community. Yesterday, I was cautioned that this just wasn’t the case at all.

Daniel Belayneh, the executive director of the Ethiopia Community Services and Development Council, laughed when I mentioned Kamus as a leader.

“Mostly he was working with the Latino community,” Belayneh said. “He’s more with Latinos.”

Belayneh cautioned reporters writing about Kamus: “He’s not as active as you guys think in terms of working with the community. What does he organize?”

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.