Some marvelous corporation has dropped a gigantic cube into the heart of Adams Morgan. Sadly, it has not landed on and crushed anyone I dislike. But perhaps it indicates great entertainment to come for people who pay to watch TV. In America, there is always hope.

Hey! It’s Thursday! Pick up our paper. It has another typo on the cover. Erika, please come back here soon! Otherwise this is an excellent issue, with a great story by Jeffrey Anderson about Peaceoholics’ Ronald Moten, as well as all the usual bozos. Please don’t forget to patronize our advertisers, especially anyone who can drop a giant cube on your enemies.

• Hippies and punks—-IN ONE PLACE! Wait, there’s still hippies and punks?
Riggo, the world’s greatest man.
Cheap parking spurned. Who pays? [sadtrombone.wav]
Jawbox to reunite, on Fallon! “I think we’re all a bit taken aback that anyone is paying attention,” Jawbox’s J. Robbins told us yesterday.
• I will adhere to these new Michael Pollan rules and talk loudly about them, because it makes Riggs go coconuts.
• A friend IM’d me about the Chuck Brown feature Godfrey and I wrote for this week’s paper; it bounces off the terrible Chuck Brown feature in last Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine. In the intro, I mentioned that twice, author Robin Rose Parker mentioned that Brown’s audience was “30- and 40-something African Americans” and took her to task for some sloppy math (Brown is speaking at a high school when her piece opens she says his 1979 hit “Bustin’ Loose” was released “decades before his high school audience was born.”) Short decades, right? Says my pal: What about the 30- and 40-something African Americans? How old were they in 1979? Boom!

BIKE COMMUTING CORNER: If your ride is longer than a mile, you might want to have different clothes for biking and working. However! Now you have to get your nice clothes to work and keep them dry. Solution: a bag! However! What bag? Backpacks are great for short rides but get kinda hot on your back, especially in the summer. Messenger bags, sure why not? On my usual bike, I have a set of Ortlieb panniers. They have a nice Tron-ish look to them and are superwatertight. They cost a lot. That part I can’t endorse. Many companies make panniers, but some of them require you to put covers on them when it rains, which seems like way too much trouble to me. Also, make sure you don’t pronounce it “pann-i-AY.” Pronounce the “r” or people in bike shops will laugh at you. I learned this firsthand!

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