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That’s what he’s saying, anyhow.

Ronald Moten has run the gang-stopping, violence-intervening group since 2005. He’s the public face—-and mouth!—-not only of the organization but also of nonprofit crimefighting in the District of Columbia.

Or, at least he will be for a few more weeks. Moten tells ace reporter Jeffrey Anderson in this week’s cover story that he’s about to step down, do other things. The money quote from from the story: “‘We going to ground,’ says Moten, explaining his decision to pursue community activism, business ventures, and consulting opportunities in other cities. (Moten gets $500 an hour when he travels to consult with other cities on their youth gang problems, he says.)”

So what’s your take? Is this guy just cashing in, leveraging his reputation here for bigger dollars on the speaking circuit? Getting out before the last earmark dollars dry up? Or is he just doing what any good businessman would do? Or both?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery