Dee Does the District believes last week’s protest will have no effect on Rhee‘s hold on DCPS:

“The City Council uses only rhetoric to denounce the pairs’ actions; remember when Vincent Gray caved and restored the school funding he originally cut? The Washington Teachers Union has been utterly useless in the struggle between 825 and teachers’ rights; George Parker continues to cancel meetings and overall, has not been proactive in addressing the layoffs. With the Mayor’s reelection looming within a year, there are no candidates that pose a serious threat to him. And while the protests and sit-ins are a start, I seriously doubt Chancellor Rhee or Mayor….o until someone with a better vision and a stronger hand comes along, I think Chancellor Rhee is here to stay, despite what you think of her.”

In Bloom wonders what’s going on with Baraki: “After an flurry of construction activity earlier this spring—including the appearance of an outdoor seating area—Baraki has since sat quiet. Its highly visible location at the intersection of First Street NW and T Street NW meant that many folks in Bloomingdale and beyond went past it every day wondering what was (or wasn’t) going on.”

Life In Mount Vernon Square wonders if pepper spray is illegal: “I am told on the one hand you can have it and it needs to be registered;  then I was told you cannot own it.  Which is the case?”

Frozen Tropics posts about a recent shooting on 10th Street.

Time to get involved! There’s a meeting today about the new dog park at 17th-and-S. On Wednesday, there’s a meeting for ANC 6C (see draft of the agenda). And finally…the Downtown Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight—-guests reportedly includ AG Peter Nickles and Councilmember Phil Mendelson!