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Alonzo, the guy administering flu shots at the 17th Street NW Safeway, says that the “little women” who come in for vaccines feel no pain.

A different scenario plays out for Redskins players. They wince and squirm, in Alonzo’s telling. They “call me back,” complaining how much the shot hurt, Alonzo told me upon giving me my flu shot after I’d waited nearly an hour alongside a case full of Lucerne yogurt.

Why the disparity in reactions? Is it just that the little women are tough and the Redskins players pusillanimous?

Not really, claims Alonzo. The differentiator here is muscle. If you have muscle, the shot kills. If you have just soft, saggy tissue in there, it’s a breeze.

Well, if that’s the case, hey, my deltoid is on fire right now with pain. Get me some Advil now!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of lu_lu.