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As if vending beside urinals at Redskins games wasn’t viral enough: Jennifer Donelan of WJLA put BeerInTheBathroomsGate on her station’s evening news, and even took a few seconds to give Washington City Paper kudos for blowing the lid off Snyder’s newest revenue stream.

Here’s Donelan’s WJLA piece. Wait til the 50-second mark. Don’t take a pee break or beer break or both, or you’ll miss my work. And remember: TV puts on 10 pounds, and I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately.

Otherwise, I think I nailed my line. Thinking ahead: “I’d like to thank-thank…both my readers-readers…and the Academy-Academy…”

Reading between the lines of Donelan’s copy, it looks like the Redskins fired the beer man caught on tape dispensing beer in an environment teeming with second-hand poop. A commenter on City Desk yesterday wrote that he was a vendor at FedExField, and he found the bathroom vending “disgusting.” But he warned Redskins patrons who are “worried about sanitation” that they should really “stay far away from the lemonade.”



Sticking with local media, via DCRTV: Two more guys fired by Dan Snyder will have a radio show to bash their former boss. WTOP will give John Riggins and Frank Herzog at least a tryout for a weekly show called “Ask Riggo.” (The first installment of Riggins/Herzog is going off the air as we type. “We should do this again,” Riggins said to Herzog at sign-off.)

(AFTER THE JUMP: Does everybody who despises Dan Snyder get a radio show? Will Laveranues Coles get a program? Timmy Smith’s out of jail? Dan Snyder benched Jason Campbell? Jeff George who? Dan Snyder will put Jason Campbell back on the field Monday night?  Night of Quarterbacks what?)

Herzog lost his 25-year gig as Redskins announcer a few years ago to make room in the booth for Dan Snyder’s sidekick, Larry Michael. Riggins had a radio show on Snyder’s embarrassing Triple-X sportstalk network, but got canned by Snyder last year when he bought WTEM-AM, a station that could actually be heard in DC.

Riggins, meanwhile, has been brutal on Snyder and Vinny Cerrato in recent Youtube monologues.

Riggins and Herzog join an army of folks who’ve been grinding their axes with Snyder over the public airwaves. Brian Mitchell, who crushes Skins management on Comcast and during Sunday night spots on WUSA-9 TV, has been fired not once but twice by Snyder: The first firing came in 2000, when Mitchell, the NFL’s all-time leader in kickoff and punt return yards, got booted off the Redskins to make space for one of the owner’s early jock sniffees, Deion Sanders.

Then Mitchell got canned by Snyder yet again last year when his former boss bought the sportstalk station WTEM, where Mitchell had been a co-host of the “John Thompson Show.

And there’s LaVar Arrington, the afternoon drive-time star at WJFK, a rival to Snyder’s sportstalker, WTEM. Arrington was once an owner’s pet, but has been blasting Snyder since the end of the 2003 season, when he went through a contract negotiation with the Redskins owner. Arrington claims that Snyder pulled a bait-and-switch during negotiations, in the process eliminating a huge bonus that Arrington says he was promised.

The turning point in the player/owner talks, Arrington said a year later, came when Snyder asked him to sign a contract that had “666” written somewhere on it.

“[M]e and my agent, we are Christian people and we were alluding to the fact that there were three sixes in the total of the contract,” Arrington told FoxSports interviewer James Brown. “Three sixes, I think if you are a Christian you know what three sixes means. It is the mark of the devil.”

Arrington then asked Snyder to crunch the numbers in his contract a little bit to “get those three sixes off.”  The team did so, and Arrington say he signed the contract without re-reading the re-worked contract. He later discovered that the way Snyder got rid of the “666” was by removing the $6.5 million signing bonus Arrington says he was promised.

Arrington has had a lot to say about Snyder, all of it brutal, ever since.

The FCC would have to open up some more frequencies if everybody screwed by Snyder were to get a radio show, of course. But if I could pick, I’d like to see Laveranues Coles get a forum where he can tell that story about Snyder threatening to ruin his career and turn him “into Terry Glenn” during a nasty contract negotiation. Recap: After Snyder threatened to send a “flat-screen” television to Coles’ house so he could watch football at home, since he’d make sure that Coles wouldn’t be playing the game anywhere if he didn’t play along with Redskins management, Coles got his wish and was traded to the New York Jets.


Timmy Smith talks about the Super Bowl, not about prison. Yes, Skins fans, the team used to be in the Super Bowl pretty regular.


A moderator at Extremeskins.com reports that Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato left the owner’s booth at halftime and didn’t come back. Jason Campbell got benched at that time.

Did Jurgensen’s cigar smoking buddy, Snyder, personally put JC on the bench? Snyder wouldn’t personally get involved in lineup changes, and force a coach to to accommodate Jurgensen’s whimsy, would he?
Oh, right! Jeff George who?

But now reports are that Jason Campbell will be back in the starting lineup for Monday’s game with the Philadelphia Eagles. Zorn, however, wouldn’t confirm that, as if he’s not making that decision, either. So maybe Snyder is calling this shot, too? He wouldn’t want Campbell back in the lineup, would he?

Oh, right! Snyder’s still trying to sell his Night of Quarterbacks!

Remember, tickets to that Nov. 3 dinner, which cost $106.50, “are limited.”


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