Don’t wallow in the District’s bad news about teacher layoffs! While hundreds are being booted from schools here under orders from Michelle Rhee, some 250,000 teachers elsewhere across the country are celebrating. Yay!

Here’s a sampling of the education jobs the Obama administration says have been saved or created by federal stimulus plan dollars, according to “media reports and anecdotal accounts to the U.S. Department of Education” over the last nine months.

Los Angeles: 6,326 New York City: 4,000 Miami Dade County, Fla.: 1,944 Las Vegas: 1,100 Boston: 370 Indianapolis: 242 Richmond: 72 Rochester, Minn.: 62 (teachers rehired) Akron, Ohio: 60 (layoffs averted) Sand Springs, Okla.: 46 Scottsbluff, Neb.: 18

As noted in the Washington Post, the report “does not address how many education jobs have been cut this year because of the recession, nor does it project how many are in jeopardy in the coming year.” But forget that. And forget D.C. And anywhere else schools are hurting. Just celebrate!

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