WTOP went digging through Metrobus records and concluded yesterday that D.C. should ride at its own risk. In the last five years, there were over 400 violations for running red lights, and one driver was even disciplined for watching television while driving (are you feeling lucky?). Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham told the station those riders that notice problems should “Just Google Jim Graham” and email him. Just in case I catch my bus driver watchingIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on the way home, I ran a Google-Graham-drill. Unfortunately, the first item that came up was Graham’s decision to give up oversight over the D.C. taxi industry. Old news, but it’s worth checking out again just to note his scarlet bowtie and fluorescent orange grandma glasses. I may be walking home, but that is one dapper man.

When you’re done Googling that, check out the new property lines feature on Google Maps. The Georgetown Metropolitan did—and seems a little put out that a select few properties in that tony part of town are (shocking!) bigger than the rest.

Peebles rumors (wouldn’t that be a great band name?) are confirmed: The Washington Business Journal reported yesterday that real estate mogul Don Peebles is considering running against Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in the election next year. City Paper‘s own Loose Lips writes: “A real race? Be still LL’s heart!”

The blog New Columbia Heights asks: “Is your power out?” Some 400 residents in that neighborhood reportedly went without electricity from Monday night through yesterday afternoon—and according to Pepco’s outage map, a few are still sitting in the dark. Unfortunately, we don’t know about them, because they can’t read this.

Someone wrote to Prince of Petworth concerned about the amount of water being used to hose down the sidewalks every day. Online commenters came up with 10 million alternatives. And I still got sprayed this morning on my way to work.

Finally, don’t forget to clear your calendar for the annual 17th Street Halloween High Heels Race next Tuesday. The crowd this year is estimated to reach 15,000, but true drag-lovers can sit VIP for $40. Interested in tickets? Google it.