Quote of the weekend, hands down, comes from the District of Columbia’s Attorney Very General, Peter Nickles. The quote comes from a story in the Washington Post regarding the contracting irregularities in the Fenty administration—-namely, the funneling of recreation projects through the D.C. Housing Authority (DCHA). The Post broke the story late last week, and the D.C. Council is furious at the administration for routing the cash through DCHA and sidestepping the council, which has a statutory function of reviewing all contracts exceeding $1 million.

So here’s what Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh had to say, along with Nickles’ rejoinder:

“It’s almost becoming a lawless administration,” said council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3). “They seem to have no limits or restraint on what they are willing to do.”

Attorney General Peter Nickles, who often speaks on behalf of the administration, said Cheh “has no idea what she’s talking about.” “For her to make comments like that, it’s stupid,” he said. “She’s an angry woman.”

For longtime followers of D.C. politics, a Sunday on a non-election year doesn’t get much better than that. We’re talking about all-out war here between the always-petty D.C. Council and the totally-always-petty Fenty regime. The bona fides of this particular spat is that, hey, it’s not even budget season, and it’s more than 10 months away from the next primary. This is a great time to be Loose Lips.

Elsewhere: WaPo mag fronts story about how cool the Renaissance Festival is. I cannot provide any commentary here; this is too huge an event to be dissected within the boundaries of a multi-topic blog post. The RenFe cover must preoccupy at least a series of blog posts to run over the next few days. It’s just too huge.

More kudos to Post columnist Colbert I. King for never veering from his obsessions—-one of them being homicides in the District, especially those involving youths.

Prez Obama joins, furthers national freakout over swine flu.

Michael Barone in the pages of the Washington Examiner: “Obama at odds with his own vision for the world.” Oh, no! We’re totally screwed.