Seven years on and still more government documents being “found” and turned over to plaintiffs attorneys in the messy Pershing Park case. Today, AG Peter Nickles filed a notice that roughly 2,000 pages of documents had been produced for the plaintiffs. This is not the first of such notices nor will it be the last.

Nickles writes to the court that “these documents were located as part of the District’s sweeps of the OAG Civil Litigation Division.” Also included with the production was a privilege log reflecting documents redacted or withheld.

Legal Times’ blog first reported on the filing. They write:

“We are told that these are documents that had not been produced after seven years of litigation,” said Bryan Cave partner Daniel Schwartz, who represents protesters rounded up in mass arrests in 2002. “We don’t know much about them.”

Discovery in the cases initially closed in 2007. But Judge Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia extended it after the city handed over 13,000 new documents. Plaintiffs’ lawyers say important files in the case have gone missing or been destroyed.

City Desk will have more on this development later today.