“I love how it’s young but at the same time intellectual,” he says. “You can walk down the street and you meet 10 different people and everyone has their own cause and purpose.” —-Mike Manning of The Real World: D.C., quoted in Dan Zak‘s piece on the show’s house.

Isn’t it amazing how someone can live here for such a short time and effortlessly nail D.C.’s essence?

Manning’s experience of meeting 10 people? If you substitute “sob quietly in your office” for “walk down the street” and “recently crushed dream” for “cause and purpose” (and stretch out the time required to meet 10 people to three-and-a-half years) THIS HAS BEEN EXACTLY MY EXPERIENCE.

MOREOVER, the house, as Zak notes, “feels like a landmark to what the rest of America sees when they visit the District.” There are eagle statues throughout, stately columns on the main floor, and the bedrooms are all named for great political figures. Same here at my joint! I am currently writing from the “Morton Kondracke Room,” which looks out on my backyard and borders the “Mary Margaret Whipple Kitchen,” just off the “Paul Trible Entryway.”

ITEM: The Black Rooster will cock about a little bit longer! Now, on to the next cause and purpose: FREE NICK CHO!

HEY! PICK UP A PAPER! Last week, I thought Darrow had the most beautiful cover photograph I’d seen in yonks. Well, this week, he has beaten even that, with a picture of a wee Frenchman. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Understandable! Find an orange-and-black box and remove the floppy thing with the writing on the cover. ALSO INSIDE: MORE STUFF.

BIKE COMMUTING CORNER: Don’t use a bike computer. It’ll only make you miserable. If you have one, take it off. If you don’t have one, good.

FINALLY, after getting our ass handed to us by the Huffington Post in Post-PostKiller.com-Memogate, City Paper finally moves the peanut a little. Instead of employing the current revenue model here (“Hang on for dear freaking life and pray Obama outlaws the Huffington Post”), it will employ one called “Coast on rich guy’s money and pray someone figures out how to make money on Internet.” Actually, we’re kind of doing that one, too.