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Arnold Schwarzenegger is speaking at Georgetown University’s business school tonight, which seems like enough of an excuse to bring up the California governor’s recent memo to state legislators informing them that he was vetoing a certain bill authored by a guy who reportedly once told him to “kiss my gay ass.” The memo has gotten all kinds of attention for including what seemed to be a hidden (or not-so-hidden) message.

Take the first letter of each word on each line, and you’ll see it spells the following:


That’s “Fuck you”!

Schwarzenegger’s office claims it was just a random “coincidence” of letter positioning. Which seems really, really believable. But a cryptologist from Goucher College in Baltimore, Robert Lewand, actually ran some numbers. He told NPR that the chance of those letters appearing in those places was less than impossibly slim: 5.5 in 1 trillion, to be exact. Memo writers, take note.