The New Teacher on the Block sums up Rhee’s testimony last week:

“So it boils down to this: Michelle Rhee intentionally and illegally fabricated a budget shortfall in order to fire teachers. Around the time of the RIF she blamed the City Council for the lack of funds, but all this shows that there was room and time for DCPS to make adjustments (not hiring 900 new folks?) to the system before a RIF became necessary.”

Dee Does the District has their own reaction to Rhee’s testimony:

“I don’t know whether to throw my laptop off my balcony or weep. I think instead I’ll just go to bed, speechless.”

Barry Farm (Re)mixed calls for Mary Cuthbert to step down from her post as ANC Commissioner. The blogger posts a letter from Commissioner William Ellis outlining why Cuthbert should go. He She writes:

“It is not me that is failing our people! Under Commissioner Cuthbert’s leadership as Chair, she has failed us countless times. In 2004 she forfeited 14,000 dollars of our tax payer’s money by not filing Quarter Reports, money that could have been used to lift up this community. In 2007 she forfeited 5,000, and in 2008 another 5,000 for not filing Quarterly Reports. Up to this very day, she still blatantly disregards the wishes of the Auditor by not answering the Audit Request or wanting to approve a yearly budget. As a result, the audit will take 24,000 for unauthorized rent payments, from our next audit [if] something is not done immediately.”

Frozen Tropics highlights a newish soul food restaurant on West Virginia Ave.

Greater Greater Washington thinks DDOT should consider one change to its streetcar system.