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According to census data collected from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, the number of homeless families who’ve added their names to a “pending case” list has jumped to 410. The waiting list number the previous week had reached 382.  This represents a significant and worrisome jump. You can check out the census data here.

There are still less than 40 homeless families being served at the old D.C. General facility. Its been converted into the scariest shelter since….D.C. Village. The D.C. General location can field at least double the number of families it is currently housing. The question is: why won’t the District government open up that facility?

One advocate tells me that she has never seen the waiting list above 300. Can the District adequately respond to a waiting list of 410 families?

One last set of scary statistics. Last week, the number of families simply applying for shelter was 37. Of that 37, the number of families that had previously applied before was 17.