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In case you missed it: For the brings-home-96-to-98-percent-of-the-bacon-but-is-nevertheless-shunned print edition this week, I wrote about Will Dunham, an Arlington resident who has been hosting Inside the Squared Circle” (ITSC), a weekly program on pro wrestling for 20 years. Dunham has had his pro bono pro wrestling program longer than Jay Leno had “The Tonight Show” or Tim Russert had “Meet the Press.” There’s never been any money or fame in it, but Dunham keeps at it for the noblest of reasons: Because he wants to.

I’m in awe. For real.


Saying the Redskins PR machine is screwed up is pointless at this point. It’s operating now exactly as it has operated for 10 years. So it’s likely that machine is operating just as somebody at Redskins Park wants it to operate.

But stuff still comes out of that place that boggles the mind. Any sane man would say the Redskins response to John Riggins’ characterization of Dan Snyder as “a bad guy” who has “a dark heart” was just plain wacko. Riggins is a pundit. The more outlandish the things he says, the more he is rewarded.  A big boy or wise man would have just taken Riggins’ slings and arrows and shut the hell up. There’s no way to rebut Riggins’ charges without looking dumb or guilty.

So what does Dan Snyder’s organization do? It trots out Silent Greg Blache to rebut Riggins charges. Blache, who just a couple weeks ago said he would no longer talk to the media, talked to the media about how Snyder doesn’t have a dark heart.

And to make everybody but Riggins look stupider, the Redskins PR office then produced a press release with Blache’s silly comments transcribed. A press release! Wha?

(AFTER THE JUMP: Redskins put out how many documents saying “Dan Snyder Does Not Have a Dark Heart?” Mark Rypien comes back to DC? Can he suit up? He only got sacked how many times? DC Divas hold tryouts? The Divas GM used to be on “Inside the Squared Circle”? Is that fab or what?)

And then the PR office puts out a faux news story that treats Blache’s “Dan Snyder Does Not Have a Dark Heart!” statement as a newsworthy event, and throws in quotes from the guy who the world knows Snyder has treated horribly: interim head coach Jim Zorn.

Check out Zorn’s words, as compiled by the Skins PR staff:

“I would concur,” Zorn replied. “Dan Snyder is a guy that absolutely cares about other people and he does not have that kind of attitude. I haven’t been here all that long, and I haven’t been here as long as Greg has been here, but I have seen time and again Dan reach out to anybody in this program and even in the secondary parts of the program and help in any way he can when there’s a need. I’ve seen it.

“I would concur with what Greg had to say about Dan really caring about winning. Some of the words that said are just so harsh. Gosh, it’s just all the time, it seems like everybody is down. Part of that is on me because we’re losing, and that creates issues.”

Geez. If anybody says that Jim Zorn will leave Redskins Park looking more foolish than he did when he came, I would concur.

Riggins, by the way, will appear on WTOP today to discuss dark-hearted matters.


When things were good, they were real good: Mark Rypien, the guy who proved that a great offensive line can put a mediocre quarterback in front of the world screaming “I’m going to Disneyland!”, is coming back to DC for a day.

Rypien will meet with injured soldiers at Walter Reed on Tuesday as part of a Veterans Day event to promote Fisher House. The event is sponsored by Uno pizza.

Awesome trivia about Rypien: During the 1991 season, which ended with his being awarded Super Bowl M.V.P., Rypien was sacked nine times. That’s all year.

Jason Campbell was sacked six times on Monday night.


The DC Divas are looking for a few good women, to join all the real good women they’ve already got.

Undefeated regular seasons are the norm for the Divas. They were in the championship mix again last season, but ended up bridesmaids, losing to Kansas City in the 2009 IWFL Sup-Her Bowl. As the squad reloads for another title run, managment will hold final player tryouts for the 2010 season this Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover.

Sure, it’s the same time as the Redskins kickoff. That’s not the big deal right now that it once was. For info about the tryouts, contact Divas GM (and, equally fabulous, founding panelist of Inside the Squared Circle) Rich Daniel at 301-573-4260 or divasgm@gmail.com.