Today we introduce Hannah Neprash of, who will write regularly on D.C. news and politics—in limerick form.

Election week left some aghast From last year, the difference was vast A bell-weather? nope Creigh Deeds had no hope Before the first ballot was cast

The hearing for marriage rights raged The witnesses—they got engaged To make Council swoon Could be a real boon Who cares if it felt a bit staged

One couple created; one mourned When death came to two who were horned She overexerted And life, it deserted If you are an oryx, be warned

Cate took a brief break from Desire To shop at the Target empire Lord knows after shows Her feet need repose An ottoman, she did admire

This story still has me distracted Because of how Allen reacted The guy’s old as dirt But still brings the hurt Click here for the fight reenacted

We all think commuting’s a bitch Made nothing but worse by the glitch From phones and PAs To online displays The Metro has hit quite a hitch

This lim’rick has come to a close And now you are doomed to read prose But have no concern The rhymes will return To dole out more witty low-blows