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The Washington Times is doing everything in its power to maintain its stranglehold on weirdest local publication. For starters, it fired top newspaper leaders on a Sunday night. Then, the next day, it fills its flagship facility on New York Avenue NE with security personnel and holds a quickie meeting with staff to not-explain what went down. The third floor of the building, where the execs hang out, is somehow closed for business.

And then there’s the whole John Solomon angle. The outgoing, popular newsroom leader hasn’t been seen since the putsch. The staff-wide meeting yesterday featured no mention of the guy who happens to top the masthead. Solomon isn’t commenting and even people who consider him a close friend are reporting no contact with him.

One possible reason for Solomon’s scarcity: He has lost his parking spot. According to Washington Times sources, the signs that reserved spaces for top company officials have been stripped away, including the one for Solomon.

So even if he did have plans to come back, where the hell is he going to park? At the Arboretum?