Don’t you pity D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier? Murders are way down. And she’s stuck defending Fenty’s latest mini scandal. This past week, WTOP broke the news on Fenty’s police-escorted bike training sessions. During his training, Fenty was able to ride wherever with the help of some D.C. Police motorcycle cops. This has provoked widespread news coverage and considerable outrage. It has also put Lanier in a tricky spot—-between her boss and her rank-and-file officers.

WTOP’s Mark Segraves noted the huge time suck for officers on the Fenty bike detail:

“Documents obtained by the police union through a Freedom of Information Act request show officers from the Special Events Branch are routinely detailed for the “mayor’s bike ride,” racking up hundreds of man hours – many of which officers spend waiting for the mayor.

On multiple occasions, WTOP witnessed uniformed officers waiting for one to two hours for the mayor’s cycling team to arrive for their training rides.

Thanks to Fenty, Lanier is now forced to offer some kind of lame quote. This past summer, Lanier had to defend her officers’ zany response to that Fenty traffic accident. Now comes her weak defense of her department’s escort service for Fenty’s bike team.

Lanier told WTOP:

“For the mayor to have a security team when he’s out riding his bike is not unusual. It’s not uncommon. I don’t look at their daily agenda of where they go or what they do. I don’t know about running stop signs and stop lights and things of that nature.”

There are few officials who are more prepared, more media savvy than Lanier. She rarely offers up an “I don’t know” response when getting grilled before the D.C. Council. She almost always has an answer and the stats to back her up. This is a chief that lives the job. For her to not know where the mayor is or what her officers are doing is laughable. Can we blame the mayor for Lanier’s sudden drop in I.Q. points?