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Lou Dobbs has left CNN! Absent the stain of his nativist zealotry, the cable network can get back to journalism. It’s too bad Dobbs’ immigration obsession overshadows what was often an eloquent, and lonely, concern about America’s middle class. I am a member of this group and now have no money, probably because of all those copy editors streaming across the border, but if I did, I would maybe buy this T-shirt, which reminds me of my favorite American football team.


If you lived in Arlington in the glory days before punk died there, which was right around when it broke if that makes any sense, there were Galaxy Hut people and Bardo/Dr. Dremo’s people. You had to choose! I was a Galaxy Hut person, but I am glad that a new generation of Dave Matthews Band fans in baseball hats (full disclosure: I like Dave Matthews and often wear a baseball hat that reminds me of my favorite football team) will have a place to get wasted and smooch before they rocket past the middle class.

The Japanese don’t like us? Huh. Also related, in that I came to both stories on the same Web site, LeBron doesn’t want to talk about free agency anymore.

If you are reading this, you probably don’t know that the CMAs were last night, and you probably don’t know what the CMAs are. They are awards for country-music millionaires. One of them cleaned up last night. Guess who? No Kanye jokes, K?

The Nats pick Jim Riggleman as their manager, thus denying us not only the prospect of a winning season anytime soon, but also the opportunity to enjoy Bobby Valentine‘s marvelous antics. Also, Ryan Zimmerman got a Golden Glove, which is weird, because how many times did he wing one past first base into the stands last year? Maybe it’s because you don’t  throw with your glove, I dunno.

BIKE COMMUTING CORNER: Your helmet may come with a visor. Take it off. EXCEPT! When it rains. Then those are quite handy.

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