John Riggins took some chuckles out of the Dan Snyder bashing season when he said the Redskins owner was a “bad guy” with a dark heart. The big let-down of Riggins’ rant came from its utter lack of examples of Snyder’s conduct that would back up such soul judging. The controversy wasn’t addressed inthe Riggins profile by Sally Jenkins that ran in today’s Washington Post.

But yesterday on WTOP, Riggins sorta explained his harshness. In a prepared statement delivered before his scheduled radio spot, Riggins said what he meant was that Snyder was “a bully,” and that bullies have to be called out. While specifics would have again helped, there are already years worth of anecdotes about Snyder’s bullying ways — only an organization run by a dark-hearted bully would treat Jim Zorn the way he’s been treated this year, for example.

So the bully explanation made Riggins’ judgmentality understandable.

But just when you thought Riggins had found his bearings, he lost ’em again.  The former Redskins star, who will not say “Redskins” when talking about the team — he usually says something like “the Washington NFL franchise — compared the plight of Redskins Nation to the plight of the American Indians in the 1800s.

His words, as transcribed by the Great Steinographer:

“I think it’s ironic indeed that the name of this franchise, being what it is, is figuratively representative of the long suffering of a proud and noble people. And it’s also ironic that the leader of this franchise, not unlike the U.S. government 150 or so years ago, is leading his people on a trail of tears.

Ummm….Did Riggins say that Redskins’ owner’s conduct is “not unlike” that of the folks behind one of history’s worst genocidal rampages?

Hell, yes, he did!

Oh, my. What metaphor didn’t make the cut as Riggins was putting together this speech? Were Hitler and slavery thrown on the cutting room floor?

The mind races…