I must differ from my great former colleague Angela Valdez, who wrote one of City Paper‘s most popular blog items of all time about her difficulties buying a ticket for the Bolt Bus.

HOWEVER! I, with 40-some other Washingtonians in stodgy coats often made of polar fleece, rode this bus to New York City yesterday afternoon, and I, with 20 or so New Yorkers dressed in spacey togs that immediately outclassed those of us going home, rode this bus home this morning.

And the conveyance was quite agreeable. There were working footrests, outlets at each seat, seatbelts if you wanted them, and WiFi if you could make use of it. My only gripe was that the seats were slightly too narrow if you didn’t want your neighbor’s elbow touching yours.

But the price was good, and the ride was fast, and nobody tried to get me to pray with them or screamed about all the cocaine they’d done before boarding. I will take this bus again.