The retrocast this week celebrates the cessation of a wet spell that had us all waterlogged as of Friday night. And then, still: People are somehow surprised when we get temps into the high 60s and beyond in mid-November. People are like, Wow, this is warm for November. But for anyone who’s been around here for longer than like two or three years, that statement is a pure confession of ignorance. If you have any weather memory at all, you’ll know that such temperatures are not uncommon at all through November. Important point here: This is not a broadside against people who don’t like the cold nor is it one of those Nordic superiority rants in which the person says, Oh, this ain’t cold; you ain’t seen cold till you….This is merely a riff about people’s lame weather memory.

On to the news: Not much of it, actually! At least on the local front. The big deal remains the Archdiocese’s crazy insistence that it can’t perform contractual charity activities with city dollars if the same-sex marriage thing passes. I still haven’t seen any coherent defense of the church’s position on this question. Nor do I believe I will, at least anytime soon. The church itself can’t quite come up with a convincing rationale.

Were I the editor of Colbert I. King, I would not let him write columns like this one. It’s about Fort Hood and the betrayal of trust. I like King when he sticks to Fort Dupont, Fort Totten, and Fort Reno. That is, forts within the District of Columbia. Once the Pulitzer-winning king ventures out of city boundaries, he sounds just like any other national pundit.

Last week’s local media story was the departure of John Solomon from the editorship of the Washington Times. The previous week’s media story was the fistfight in the Style section of the Washington Post. Guess which one got more attention?