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WaPo has the scoop on what lead to an arrest in the George Rawlings murder. Jeffrey Britt, a 17-year-old with no fixed address, has been arrested and charged in the case.

D.C. Police detectives worked quickly to solve the murder which took place last Wednesday as Rawlings was trying to board a Metro bus along H Street NE. According to an affidavit [PDF} filed in D.C. Superior Court, there were several witnesses that came forward.

In reading the affidavit, one thing is clear: Jeffrey Britt will not be the only one charged in this case. Police recovered two different caliber shell casings from the crime scene, and witnesses point to other individuals involved in the killing:

“One such witness…reported that it observed two black males armed with guns shooting into the well of the Metro bus.”

The affidavit goes on to describe a murder plot developed in front of witnesses and carried out within minutes.

While attending the funeral service for Ashton Hunter, one witness saw Rawlings walk into the proceedings. At that point, several attendees of the funeral talked about Rawlings’ supposed involvement in Hunter’s murder. The witness heard a “Jeff” state: “I should kill that nigga!”

After Rawlings left the funeral home, this witness saw “Jeff” and two other individuals standing near Rawlings. Rawlings soon left. Jeff and the two others followed. A short time later, the witness heard gun shots and observed the three individuals running back towards the funeral home. The witness said that he noticed they were armed with guns. The witness identified Jeff as Jeffrey Britt.

Another witness saw the actual murder. The affidavit states:

“[The witness] observed one of the black males who was with ‘Jeff’ shooting a gun at the decedent who was lying on the steps of the Metro bus….It subsequently observed the black male aiming the gun at him and pulling the trigger, but the gun did not go off because it appeared to be out of bullets.”

After the murder, detectives found on Rawlings a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a “bottle containing a clear liquid that had the chemical odor consistent with…PCP.”