Congress Heights on the Rise gives 7D police and Asst. Chief Diane Groomes an “A+.” The blogger writes: “The Advoc8te sees the police out in full force in my neighborhood in  response to the carjackings this week. There are about 10 police cars on our street and we feel much safer!  This increased police prescence is MUCH appreciated!” Sure. But what about all the murders in 7D?

In Bloom posts a narrative of a beatdown in Bloomingdale:

“On Wednesday, at 5 PM, Brad was attacked by 6-7 young men, at the corner of 2nd and S Street, who wanted absolutely nothing other than to beat the utter crap out of him. Brad, aside from being a military guy, is also an urban-savvy guy, who said that his instincts never warned him that something was about to happen. On his way to the Big Bear Cafe, half the group rushed him from the front…”

Live in Mount Vernon Square reported bullets are flying in their neighborhood. This is from last week: “There was another shooting.  About ten feet away from my residence.  I dont understand this and why MPD and our political leaders can’t stop this if they really wanted to. Are our lives worth less than the residents of Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Glover Park and MacArthur Park?”

Prince of Petworth reports that more cupcakes are coming to D.C. Ugh.

The Triangle reports that a deli at 3rd and K Streets NW will be closing and a soul food outpost will be moving in.

DC Teacher Chic has something in common with Michelle Rhee.

*photo by Darrow Montgomery.