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There are so many things I love about Peapod. One, I don’t have to wait in grocery-store lines anymore. Two, the Peapod people are fantastic. Three, the deliveries are painless and easy to schedule. Four, the Web-shopping interface is easy to navigate.

Yet one important consideration falls in the minus column, and that’s Peapod’s uncanny insistence on wrapping virtually everything in its own plastic bag. It’s as if the Peapod people have to fill a quota of plastic-bag use, as if the employee handbook had a rule that reads: Any employee found to have used fewer than 100 plastic bags per delivery shall receive a formal reprimand signed by the Regional Manager.

I’ve provided a photo above to illustrate the Peapod plastic bag crush. The context here is that individuals with whom I am familially associated ordered a processed Pillsbury bread product. Well, that product alone occupied an entire plastic bag on our last delivery, as shown in the photo. It wouldn’t be worth noting if it were an aberration, but it’s not. Over the weeks, we’ve gotten single containers of yogurt, single cucumbers, single everything—-each wrapped in its own plastic bag. Prior to a Peapod delivery, we must be sure to clear out some space to may way for the colony of plastic bags that we gain.