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Commercials running all day on Dan Snyder’s sportstalk station, WTEM, are pushing the pep rally that Snyder is sponsoring tonight at Dave & Buster’s in Rockville.

Listeners are urged, “Bring your best ‘Beat Dallas!’ sign and you can win a six pack of club seats!”

I can’t wait to see how high the “Worst Owner Ever!” banner will place.


Moderators at Dan Snyder’s message board, extremeskins.com, no doubt emboldened by the see-no-evil clause their boss invoked while banning signs from FedExField, have a type-no-insult policy in place.

Posters on the site have been warned not to say anything negative about the team in a thread announcing a send-off that’s being organized from Redskins Park for the Dallas game.

The warning:

“Be advised: This is not an opinion or debate thread. Please do not use this thread to verbally attack, make fun of, laugh at, or otherwise belittle any of the participating members or Redskins players/coaches/staff or owner. To do so will result in a mandatory ban.”

(AFTER THE JUMP: Why would Dan Snyder sanction such censorship? Why is Slate so mean to Sandra Bullock? Why didn’t the Redskins draft Michael Oher? Why did John Riggins jump on Joe Theismann when Joe Theismann’s leg was broken? Did you just say John Riggins jumped on Joe Theismann when Joe Theismann’s leg was broken?)

Before this season, these send-off announcements were posted regularly on Snyder’s site. But, the gathering memos were stopped because they only inspired fans to tell the owner just how much they loathe him in follow-up posts.

The situation Snyder has created in this market is unlike anything in all of professional sports.

I’ve said it before, and I believe it: Even if the Redskins go on a miracle streak and win the Super Bowl this season, when Snyder holds up the Lombardi Trophy at the victory rally, he will be booed.


In his Slate review of “The Blind Side,” the feature film based on the life of Baltimore Ravens’ rookie Michael Oher, friend and hero Josh Levin treats Sandra Bullock as Lawrence Taylor did Joe Theismann.

I only used that simile so I’d have an easy segue into this: I haven’t seen “The Blind Side,” but I’m told it opens with a clip of one of the most famous plays in Redskins history — Taylor playing wishbone with Theismann’s leg in that 1986 “Monday Night Football” game.

Looking at the gruesome clip this morning, I noticed for the first time that John Riggins for some reason jumps on top of the pile with Theismann and his newly restructured leg at the bottom. Riggins had tossed the ball back to Theismann just before Taylor hit him during the flea-flicker gone wrong.

Perhaps that’s why Theismann went after Riggins so hard last week after Riggo piled on Dan Snyder. Or maybe it’s because Theismann is employed by Snyder.

In any case, Theismann never played another down of football. But, he lived to talk about it and everything else…a lot. If he was a horse, Theismann would have had a curtain around him within a minute and there’d be one less sportstalk host in the DC market.


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