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The Issue: A handful of Dumpsters are wreaking a disproportionate amount of havoc near Logan Circle. The six offenders live near Claridge Towers at 12th and M Streets NW. Neighbors complain not only that the garbage is picked up at ungodly hours but that the Dumpsters are overflowing, forcing residents of the apartment building to walk around—and smell—the resulting mess.

What’s That Smell? Some residents are fed up with the lack of maintenance and are putting together a petition for the building management. Dorothy Settles, who has tried to get city politicians interested in the issue, to no avail, told City Desk: “They dump the trash at four or five in the morning, and leave the Dumpsters uncovered on the sidewalk. Kids and the elderly have to walk in the street, and the odor is horrendous. I’ve been complaining for years. Who wants to live in a trash dump?” According to DPW, trash collection hours are not supposed to start until 6:30 a.m.

Our Trash Runneth Over: Who wants to step up to defend overflowing trash? It’s the apartment building’s responsibility for Dumpster upkeep. But the problem hasn’t exactly become a headliner: The item failed to make the agenda at the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting.

Next Step: Come on, people, take some pride in your Dumpsters.

Photo of non-relevant Dumpster by MBK, Creative Commons Attribution License