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Both JLo and Adam Lambert stumbled on stage at the American Music Awards. You don’t see that much at these big shindigs, two such polished performers just falling on their ass, given all the prep work that goes into these routines.

Wait just a second… The AMA’s…Hmmmm…Isn’t that a Dick Clark Productions production?

Why, yes, it is!

And ain’t Dick Clark Productions owned by Dan Snyder?

Why, yes, it is!

Well, alrighty then. The world makes sense again…

(AFTER THE JUMP: Jason Campbell’s nemesis NEVER started a single playoff game? You can buy a high school football field, but you can’t buy a win over DeMatha? Why is everybody talking about concussions now? Mike Sellers is right? Why is the Wall Street Journal talking about the Redskins now? The movement to oust Dan Snyder has not succeeded? So now trucks bashing Dan Snyder will be driving past Dan Snyder’s home?)


Sonny Jurgensen’s still tough on poor Jason Campbell. Earlier this season, during a Redskins radio game broadcast, Jurgensen repeatedly called for Campbell to be benched.

After four games, Jurgensen said the team would be undefeated if the Redskins backup, Todd Collins were in the lineup instead of Campbell.

And the Hall of Famer piled on some more hate in the 3rd quarter of Sunday’s game in Dallas when Sam Huff, Jurgensen’s former teammate and current partner in the Redskins radio booth, said something nice about Campbell.

“This is the best game I’ve seen him play!” Huff yelled.

“That’s not sayin’ a lot,” mumbled Sonny.

Awesome Trivia about Jurgensen and Campbell: In his career as a Redskins starting QB, Jurgensen won the EXACT SAME number of playoff games as Campbell has so far.

That would be: Zero.

Awesomer trivia: Jurgensen never even started a playoff game. He made one playoff appearance in his career, as a reliever for starter Billy Kilmer in a 1974 19-10 loss to the Rams. Jurgensen threw three interceptions, including a pick-six on a fourth quarter drive and the Skins down by just a field goal.

That’s sayin’ a lot.


There were rumblings among the local prep football scene that the Good Counsel quarterback’s dad bought his son the starting quarterback job. A few weeks ago, in fact, the field at Good Counsel was named Dancel Field after Bernie Dancel, who paid for it.

Along with being a financier and philanthropist, Dancel is the father of Good Counsel QB Zach Dancel.

But now it’s tough to say dad’s wallet got the son anything that wasn’t deserved. Zach Dancel was 10-16 for 186 yards and threw the winning touchdown pass in the fourth quarter as Good Counsel ended DeMatha’s long run of WCAC titles with a 14-10 win over the weekend in Annapolis.

It’s a huge win for the Good Counsel program. So huge that years from now folks will think Dancel Field was named after Zach, not his dad.


Speaking of tough times for DeMatha footballers: DeMatha alum Brian Westbrook sat out his Eagles’ game in Chicago last night after getting his second concussion in three weeks. “He’s symptom free right now,” Chris Collingsworth told the NBC audience last night.

Everybody’s talking about concussions lately. I think that’s less because everybody’s getting concussions than it is that every news organization stole a story idea from the New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell, who did his concussion story last month.

The Washington Post sports page did its big concussion story on Sunday. (Has Kids Post done the concussion story yet? If not, what’s up with that?)

But all the talk about concussions got NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to say that players should alert doctors if a teammate looks brain damaged. That gave Mike Sellers, for whom image is everything, the chance to act tough:

We ain’t no snitches over here,” Sellers told AP.

Sellers should work more on holding onto a football than foisting that tough-guy act on everybody, but his point is pretty hard to argue with: With all the conflicts of interest at work, a system that depends on players policing players has no chance of working. ‘Course, the NFL knows that.

Like Sellers, Goodell’s just worried about his image.


Another story everybody’s done: The Wall Street Journal has just now gotten around to its Redskins-Are-In-Trouble-With-Fans story. This one’s gets some small things wrong: The WSJ writer says that under Joe Gibbs the Redskins won “two Super Bowls,” while it was really three, and that at RFK during the glory days “the upper decks at RFK Stadium inside the District literally swayed from side-to-side,” when the famous movement inside the structure was the lower decks that hopped up and down.

But, as usual, the Journal nails the big picture: “[W]hat this season has exposed, more than anything,” the story goes, “is that the team held a special place in the hearts of fans here—one that was once intense and affectionate—and that this bond is badly fractured.”

And now I see everybody’s already written about the Wall Street Journal story. Get back to typing up Kornheiser/Wise quotes, Steinberg!)


Somebody should probably buzz the Wall Street’s Journal news desk and let them know how much momentum the once profound anti-Dan Snyder movement has lost lately. It’s either the win against Denver,  or a lot of protesters decided, say, reducing global warming was a better cause than needling a lousy football owner.

In any case, the effort to raise enough money to buy Metro ads urging Dan Snyder to unload the Redskins flopped. Despite scads of local media coverage, that effort, spelled out on the web site sellourteamdannyboy.com, netted just $1,421, or a little more than 17 percent of the amount required to actually get on the buses.

Organizer Charles Tomasch isn’t giving up the fight just yet. He says he has offered everybody who donated to the cause the chance to get their money back, or to put the funds into another project.

Now, Tomasch is trying to rally the troops to pay for mobile signs.

From his web site:

James Goulden of DC Mobile Ads happens to be a lifelong Redskins fan who is onboard with the cause. He has given us a special price of five 8 hour sessions plus sign production for $1200. This would allow us to still give $160 to MDA.

What’s even better is that he will drive the sign wherever we like. This can include:

1. Danny Boy Snyder’s house
2. Vinny Cerrato’s house
3. Around Fedex Field during a Redskins game.
4. Verizon Center during Caps and Wizards games.

It would be fun to see what happens if the sign truck starts cruising around Snyder’s Potomac neighborhood or his stadium on game days.


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