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This morning’s roundup is dedicated to those barking underdogs: the tyrannized standing up to the tyranny, the teens throwing pumpkin pies at the teachers, and, um, the yogis fighting for freedom of speech? Three yoga teachers in Virginia are filing a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of  imposing license requirements on teacher-training programs. They argue that their karmic teaching qualifies as free speech. But the yogis also appear to be up in arms about a more earthly problem: the hefty state-issued $2,500 licensing fee.

Are you a Blade Man or a Metro Weekly Man? Who cares! You beat the man 11-2! Get married!

What? You have a wedding ring and still can’t figure out what kind of man you are? Maybe you are a Brightest Young Gay! The D.C. blog Brightest Young Thing is expanding its LGBT coverage and looking for “writers, photographers, editors, artists, event planners, and fornicators.”

An unlucky dude who T-boned a cop car wrote to Prince of Petworth looking for a shoulder to cry on. Read the comments: Looks like half of D.C. has hit a po-po too. Support group?

Two AIDS activists fed up with the three-year-long wait list for housing for those with HIV/AIDS, tried to stick it to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty yesterday afternoon by squatting outside the bullpen of City Hall. They were arrested on a misdemeanor.

Those sneaky underdogs Michaele and Tareq Salahi—the White House Crashers—said on the Today Show: “We did not party crash…there isn’t anyone who would have the audacity or the poor behavior to do that.” I am so using that line.

And finally, there’s a George Washington University student roaming my campus after spending 10 years in prison and juvenile detention after a first-degree murder conviction—which was overturned after he was proved innocent. This scholarly underdog is now off acing Intro to Criminal Justice.

Photo of yogi on thin ice by Sami Taipale, Creative Commons Attribution License