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I almost feel sorry for Fire/EMS Chief Dennis Rubin. A video deposition he had taken in a whistleblower case has now landed on YouTube. In early October, the Government Accountability Project deposed Rubin in connection with a civil suit brought by former Fire Department Deputy General Counsel Theresa Cusick. In the interest of fairness, the Government Accountability Project should not have released a press release where it cherry picks Rubin’s comments nor released a heavily edited video. They should have released the whole video and provided a transcript. From what we do get to see, Rubin is either the most sensitive firefighter of all time or a total scumbag liar.

Ms. Cusick’s employment suddenly became a problem after she allegedly flipped out at Rubin during a one-on-one meeting. Rubin goes so far as to say that she might have sexually harassed him. “I needed relief from this,” Rubin said at one point and called the meeting “horrifying” and stated that “I was overwhelmed.”  What was the sexual harassment? Cusick demanded to be involved in executive meetings and used the word “cocksucker.” Cusick had problems with fire department managers and referred to them as cocksuckers and other bad words. Rubin did not investigate her charges, saying: “Well you know, I don’t know how you’d investigate whether they’re cocksuckers or not….I guess I could ask them if they suck dicks or not.” Instead, he had Cusick removed from the department.

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