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Very interesting interview over the weekend with Greggg Williams from a Saints-friendly publication.

The best parts of the talk with the former Redskins and current New Orleans defensive coordinator ain’t the ones where Williams says over and over that he’s great pals with Dan Snyder, the guy who made him stay at the poolhouse for three days of interviews then slandered him behind his back to local media hoping to sway fans into believing that not hiring Williams as Joe Gibbs’ replacement was the way to go.

No, the best parts are where Greggg (the third G’s for “Gained a Lotta Weight!”) discusses his son, Chase Williams, a star linebacker at Loudoun County High and imminent 2009 Washington Post All-Met selection:

Q: Can you talk about your son Chase?

A: He’s a real smart kid like his mommy, real smart. He’s graduating here the day before the Dallas Cowboy game. He’ll be down here from the Dallas Cowboys game until as long as we continue to play. He enrolls at Virginia Tech. He is early committed. Frank Beamer and Bud Foster did a great job of recruiting him. He had places all over the country he could have gone to. He’s going to go to Virginia Tech and I think his first day of school’s January 16.

Q: Will your family transition at all down here if your team makes the playoffs?

A: Yes, we’ll probably transition. We haven’t gotten that far. The home that I have up there is no tiny one. I live in the ghetto of my neighborhood, but it’s still a pretty substantial home. It will take a while to do those kinds of things. I kind of like that it’s a good central base of operations. It’s going to take a while. It’s very pricey and it’s still three and a half hours from Virginia Tech, keeping that close. My daughter loves that area too. She had a great class of kids that she was involved with. I turned down all those head coaching jobs after my second year there. I had behind the scenes four jobs, I won’t mention which four that were offered behind the scenes and I said no to those jobs because I wanted her to graduate from high school. She was in a great situation there. She did. We also wanted Chase to graduate from high school there. We looked into some situations down here and the reason that he didn’t come down here was that he was going to lose a credit from Virginia to Louisiana, somehow, someway and he couldn’t graduate early and he wanted to graduate early, so he stayed up there and he graduated early and he’s going to college in January.

So, in a few paragraphs, he blames his kids for his not being a head coach in the NFL, and, even more fascinating, describes in pretty mundane terms that Chase will be enrolled in college during what would have been the second semester of his senior year of high school.

Chase’s situation reflects a trend that’s taken hold in high school recruiting in recent years: Kids get out early so they can attend spring practice of their college football teams. That makes them more attractive to college recruiters.

Graduating early is the new redshirting.

The greatest part: A lot of football players around here do both. First, their parents hold them back in junior high, giving them a redshirt year so they’re older than the kids they play against, and that advantage gives them a competitive edge, the better to get noticed by recruiters; then the kids get enough credits to skip their senior spring semester, giving them another advantage with recruiters.

(AFTER THE JUMP: Sonny Jurgensen can identify with the late-model Redskins? Somebody wrote a nice story about Dan Snyder? Does it hold up? No? People are still writing “Open Letters” to Tiger Woods? Cheap Seats Daily brings the Guaranteed Win Night!™ magic to Tiger’s crisis media strategy?)

What a country!

‘Course, I don’t think Chase was ever red-shirted. I’m pretty sure he had a sibling who went to Princeton. Being held back probably wouldn’t play well in that family.

More on this to come…


Sonny, Sam, and Larry had their best game ever yesterday, even with the Skins OT loss. Every few minutes Sam was screaming that somebody in burgundy and gold was having their best game ever…And he was right every time!

Sonny was engaged and excited all game long, probably because in the last few weeks, this Redskins team has become a whole lot like Sonny’s Redskins in the 1960s: Wild games, lot of scoring, and a whole lot of losses.

Courtesy of CBSSports.com, ere’s the record the previous six seasons with Jurgensen as a starter:

1968 5 9 0 3rd
1967 5 6 3 3rd
1966 7 7 0 5th
1965 6 8 0 4th
1964 6 8 0 4th

Awesome trivia: For all his local belovedness, Jurgensen was the starting QB on only one winning team in Washington, the 1969 squad that went 7-5-2 under Vince Lombardi. Every other season, was a loser.

But fans loved those teams and, particularly, him. And still do. Jason Campbell’s getting a bounce, too.


Everybody Hates Danny. But for those who don’t, Robert McCartney writes all puffy-like about a never told side of Redskins owner: the good side. Pretty much all he does is quote the heads of a couple charities saying Snyder gives really kind money to them.

If McCartney’s piece is the whole argument for Good Danny, well, let’s just say the prevailing opinion didn’t take too big a hit. McCartney, alas, takes a lot of huge hits in the comments section, where readers high-five each other in agreement that Snyder and McCartney are the biggest losers in town.


Open Letter to Open Letter Writers:

Please stop writing Open Letters!

Sincerely, Cheap Seats Daily

I mentioned the other day that a lot of “open letters” were being written to Tiger Woods, and quote a few of the more heinous offerings.

Sadly, despite Cheap Seats Daily’s best efforts, this sort of douchebaggery has gone epidemic.  Some of the open letters are funny. Most are not really funny. Some cryptic. None of them should have been written.

Seriously, what’s with this “Open Letter” scourge? It’s not just Tiger Woods. Google “Open Letter to Dan Snyder” and you get 8,400 hits. It’s not just silly bloggers, either! Even the Redskins Insider wrote an Open Letter to Dan Snyder!

Stop, people!


Back to Tiger for a second: The Daily Beast blames all the golfer’s problems, from infidelity to bad driving, on prescription drugs. Ambien and painkillers take the blame.

I saw the future reading this story: Tiger’s going to come out real soon and confess not to being a cad, but to being an addict!

He’s going to take some time off. He’s even going to miss the Masters, because he’s going to be treating himself, and, as much as that institution means to him, his health is more important!

This is Tiger’s one way out. And, it won’t affect us here in D.C., because The AT&T National was going to be on hiatus from Congressional in 2010 anyway! He’ll be all rehabbed, image-wise, by the time the tournament comes back to town.

If Vegas opens a betting line on whether Tiger adopts this strategy, bet the mortgage and then some on Tiger adopting it*. Seriously, this is a lock, courtesy of Cheap Seats Daily: Tiger Woods is going to sit out the Masters to deal with his addictions.

If he doesn’t, the rest of the season’s free.



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