Lamont Peterson lost by unanimous decision on Showtime on Saturday night in his bid to take Tim Bradley’s WBO junior welterweight title. Peterson was knocked down early, and the judges’ cards weren’t close. Peterson, who as a teenager trained with a fight club in the basement of Lincoln Junior High in Columbia Heights, now has a 27-1 career record as a pro.

But he’s still a winner with me! I wonder if that makes him feel better.


The Watkins Hornets took a Pop Warner Pee Wee national title over the weekend with a 22-8 win over a Miami Club, the Florida City Razorbacks, in Orlando. Watkins becomes the first DC team to win a championship since the Department of Parks and Recreation melded its youth football operation with the Boys and Girls Clubs leagues.

In a press release, Mayor Fenty called Watkins’ win “an inspiration to youth around the nation.” He continued, “This win is truly a testament to the fact that discipline in athletics and education leads to victory.”

Hear hear, Mr. Mayor! Imagine the setbacks America’s youth would have suffered had those uninspiring, undisciplined truant Pee Wees from Florida City taken the crown!

(AFTER THE JUMP: Redskins beat another horrendous QB? The NFL should go to yellow card system? Another Open Letter to Tiger Woods update? Even Joe Theismann’s a better punt returner slams Randle El? The Redskins confess there is no waiting list? Dan Snyder speaks the truth?)


The big kids came home winners, too. Now three of the Redskins four wins have come against teams quarterbacked by Josh Johnson, Chris Simms and JaMarcus Russell, possibly the worst trio of QBs in the NFL in this decade. (Marc Bulger of the Rams is the only real starter to lose to the Skins this year.)


The absurdity of the NFL’s personal foul rule was made plain in the first half of yesterday’s game. When Fred Davis got a 15-yard penalty for waving a hand in front of his face after a touchdown, the Skins had to kick off from their own 15, and the Raiders took the kickoff to near midfield and scored a TD a few plays later. No way did Davis’ crime earn that punishment. The refs were at it again at the end of the first half, flagging the Raiders bench for yelling about a horrible interference call, and the refs made everything worse by giving the Skins another 15 yards, and placing the ball near midfield. So instead of taking a knee and running out the clock, Jason Campbell led a quick TD drive, and Washington never looked back.

This has probably been proposed a billion times before, but: If getting rid of shenanigans was really the goal, why wouldn’t the NFL go to the yellow card system used in soccer, especially for offenses that have nothing to do with the action? After a player gets one mulligan, he has no excuse if he gets another one that game, or accumulates enough to get a suspension. The shenanigans would disappear, and the outcomes of games wouldn’t be so affected. But, as ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy would point out, that’s the whole point of sticking with the status quo.


There is no Waiting List (Cont.): The Redskins are offering fans a chance to buy Cowboys tickets for christmas gifts .

But but but but but! What happened to, “The games have been sold out since 1966!?” Didn’t Dan Snyder tell me there’s a waiting list of “over 200,000!?”

And now the Redskins are selling pairs of tickets, and not even bothering with that “These were returned from the opposing team” drivel? Dang! Next we’re gonna find out there is no Santa! Or that there really is no NFL blackout rule, anyway.


Open Letter to Tiger Woods Update! Today’s entry comes courtesy of the Sri Lanka Guardian, from a member of the Sri Lankan military:

Sadly a lot of men fail to understand that most of women lose their beauty, shape and curves or supermodel like figures after child births. We men need to accept equal responsibility for our women’s losing shape, figure and attractiveness. It is for the most part for our needing to have children, or else for failure to wear a condom! It seems most want children rather than need children.

If a realistic man observes the daily work or chores of his loving wife he would realize and appreciate that though they say, which I doubt, that men think about sex every seven seconds. But I think a woman with kids to care and provide for does not think on the average at least once a day! Because our wives are preoccupied with cooking, home work, extracurricular activities of the children etc. Our wives get sexual urges from time to time because they are human beings too. Sometimes unfortunately not when are in the mood! As men we need to be in good communication with her and seize the moment when it presented itself.

We should have ‘experimented’ all we want before marriage, and after marriage it is sacrifice, give and take when it is possible!

I think Tiger Woods is adapt his lifestyle to your writings, Mr. Sri Lankan Military Man!


Say it’s so,  Joe!

Joe Theismann spoke the truth on his radio show this morning. Talking about Antwaan Randle El‘s punt return ability, the Redskins former QB and (briefly) punt returner, announced: I would never say that I can do something better than someone. But I can.”

While on the subject of truth speaking: I slam Dan Snyder whenever I come across something he says that simply isn’t true — like when he says the Redskins waiting list for season tickets is 200,000, for example.

So when he says something that rings true, I should also point that out. Well, over the weekend I found a 2005 article from the Washington Post that has Snyder saying something as true as true gets. The piece, about Snyder’s non-football business dealings, says that Snyder and co-hort Mark Shapiro both “say they will do for Six Flags what they did for… the Redskins.

I take Snyder et al at their word.


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